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☆ AMAZING on Kis-My-Me-Mine ☆

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2 December 1988
onlY Me
Hello everyone, you can call me Kirinia~ I'm a girl and I'm Belgian. My mother tongue is the French. I can speak English, and a little Japanese and Dutch. I used to be know in the fandom of Johnny's Entertainment and especially in the Johnny's Junior fandom. I used to be a big fan and especially of Kis-My-Ft2 and M.A.D. but I was pissed off by the general management agency so I decided to try new kind of music.

Now, I found the happiness and the music that is totally fit myself: Korean Music. I love many groups because many are skilled. For some I just like some songs. My main favorites are FTISLAND, U-KISS, SHINee, ChoShinSung, Teen Top, Super Junior. I also love a lot BEAST, B1A4, 2AM, 2PM, T-ara, ZE:A, IFNINITE G.NA for the main line. I like a lot of others artist for one of many songs but I can't write them all ^^.

Random facts: My movies: The Chronicles of Narnia & Pearl Harbor. My favorite TV Series are Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Castle & Ghost Adventures. My favorite manga is Death Note. My favorite Sentai/Kamen Rider are Gekiranger, Magiranger, Go-onger, Kiva, Den-O & Decade.
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