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Blogs Crew & Claim list

Blogs Crew Claims 

~ Kisumai Big Family ~ MAD MAMA ~ Yokoo WATARU

♥ Kansai Jr ↔ 『Kiriyama Akito』♂

♥ Tokyo Jr ↔ 『Yokoo Wataru』♂

Johnny's Junior: Ookubo Akimasa

» Johnny's Entertainment ♬♪ → Kamei Taku [亀井拓]

*Asians Kick Bootie* Blog Crew Takeuchi Kohtaro

Johnny Boys rock my world!!! - Yamamoto Ryota

M.A.D. D A Z Z L E S me

Arioka Daiki D A Z Z L E S me

[Yokoo Wataru] is my special happiness.

Tenimyu Bishonen LOVE! - Kato Ryosuke

☆~{Miyata Toshiya ♫}~☆EVIL~TWIN Blog Crew

D-boys make the world go round - Minakawa Yuma

@hilian Blog Crew

@kumikuri Blog Crew
@kumikuri Blog Crew
@kumikuri Blog Crew

Yokoo Wataru is my boyfriendlover

Kirihara Akaya is my boyfriend I don't have word to describe him XD


I claimed @[info]kansaijr_claims
Claim: Kiriyama Akito - B.A.D.
Category: Members

Claim: Hamada Takahiro - BOYS
Category: Members

Claim: Chance [Kansai Boys]
Category: Songs

Claim: Kiriyama Akito's squiting eyes
Category: Body related

Claim: Yamasaki Kunta's siliness
Category: Other

Claim: The way Kansai Jr dance all together

I claimed @ [info]abc_claims 
Claim: Kawai Fumito
Category: Members

Category: Songs

Claim: Totsuka Shota's smile
Category: Body related

Claim: Goseki Koichi's killer eyes
Category: Body related

Claim: A.B.C. [TotsukaxKawaixGosekixTsukada]
Category: Pairing

Claim: Kawai Fumito's laugh


Stamped as Hankyung @ Suju rating

  • 2005年9月19日

    I should post about this too~ because I love them since so much time haha HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY M.A.D.~ 2nd generation


    I'm sorry to be late boy but I still did the card~ I hope you had fun ♥ LoveLove~ Happy birthday to tacchon too ♥ See you~

  • let's M.A.D.

    Na minna like I said once "I'm going to write about MAD" ... I did haha I'm taking my source from my knowledge XD on wiki and various…

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