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let's M.A.D.

Na minna like I said once "I'm going to write about MAD" ... I did haha
I'm taking my source from my knowledge XD on wiki and various sites.
I'm doing my own  research so please don't take out~
Thank you

I'm typing to start by presentation of members and after it's in the time.

so let's talk about MAD now

M.A.D. : Musical Academy Dancing

This band is a background dancers unit

The true basic members of MAD are (for most of them) old Jr for most of them, 
the new generation of fans (gomen: most of you all XD) doesn't know them.

But here I will start wiz the September 2005's generation (rebegining)  until today ^^ (I will try to up this page for each changes =D)

It's mix of
FM Tokyo :
Matsuzaki Yusuke, Fukuda Yuta, Kawamura Ryo, Tatsumi Yudai & Koshioka Yuki

Ex T of K.K.Kity and an Ex Jr Boys who made the supporting for Kis-My-Ft. until Kis-My-Ft2:
Takeuchi Kohtaro & Katoh Yukihiro

Various Jr who are (for me) good dancers as well:
Eda Tsuyoshi, Yamamoto Ryota (from A.B.C. Jr [band where from Ft2]), Hayashi Shota, Ikeda Yu, Maeda T.J. Hirotoshi

A Question? who left JE and came back because he wanted to dance:
Noda Yuya

One who left and who came back and who is again lost now, but it seems he is not a MAD anymore.
Waragai Ryota

Some of them, before MAD's creation, were in a band created for the Arashi concerts. 
(wiz others Johnny's Jr)

So the members are :
Noda Yuya
Takeuchi Kohtaro
Koshioka Yuki
Matsuzaki Yusuke
Fukuda Yuta
Tatsumi Yudai
Katoh Yukihiro
Eda Tsuyoshi
Waragai Ryota 
Kawamura Ryo
Maeda T.J. Hirotoshi
Yamamoto Ryota
Hayashi Shota
Ikeda Yu

These boys are dancing for Tsubasa's concerts or backdance in TV shows like SC premium or Music Station and you can see also them at the Arashi's one and the Countdown.

Most of them are a little unknown,  that is sad.

You have probably never heard some names, but we are going to change that ;)

Let's see those above wiz more details:

Eda Tsuyoshi: until 2006 he danced as ABC jr (with FT2), he is not really new in Jr, he joined in 2001.
He was all time in SC until the "transfert" in MAD end 2005.

Hayashi Shota and Yamamoto Ryota have +/- the same story.
The first to join was Hayashi kun debut January 2001
then Yamamoto kun, at the same time as Eda kun in Sept 2001
These 2, you can see them often in same band.
They were all the time on SC until the "transfert" in MAD, end of 2005 like for Eda kun, and in old Yax3 show (the time wiz  J.J.Express wiz Matsumoto Kohei in >_<)
Yamamoto kun (and as classmate Tamamori kun) go to the Hinode chuugakou (-> http://www.hinode-s.ed.jp) . and his little brother call Yamamoto Kyota passes the open audition on Ya-Ya-yah, and was accepted as a student. however, he quit before he could become a Johnny's Jr.

Ikeda Yu, he looks discret, because it's true it's not easy to catch him in perf of SC.
but he was in SC all this time since end 2002,
he joined the same day as Tamamori Yuta (KMF2) and Akiyama Taiga (2nd MAD band).
This boy attented the same dance school as Senga Kento before JE.
He was btw 2004 and Summer 2005 in いけこたいな (Ikekotaina). He was the IKE for Ikeda

Maeda T.J. Hirotoshi: this boy aka TJ joined the same day as Okubo Akimasa (2nd MAD band) middle 2004. Same then Yu, you can catch him in perf of SC. This our Phillipin member ^^

Kawamura Ryo: for him I have to admit that except that he joined in 1997,
btw this time and 2002 I don't really have infos. But after that he was in FM Tokyo.

Fukuda Yuta: Fukuchan, this one joined debut 1998,
he was FM Tokyo. Before he was a MAD already, I mean in old generation. He was most showed before 2003 (I mean new SC stage)
and in old Hadaka no Shounen. He was mostly wiz Miyagi Shunta.

Matsuzaki Yusuke: he joined JE middle 1998 the same day as Tatsumi Yudai,
we can often find him in the same way than Fukuda Yuta like in FM Tokyo.
In the past he was a MAD too but not sure. If you have old Hadaka no Shounen (mean 2001 ~ 's one)
you can find him in the kitchen with Waragai Ryota and Uesato Ryota (FiVe) a trio of jokers and yakuzas haha.

Tatsumi Yudai & Koshioka Yuki : again 2 boys who are together since the begining.
The first one, Yudai, joined so like Matsuzaki middle 1998. The second, Koshy, joined the same day asFujigaya Taisuke and 2 others MAD, Takeuchi Kohtaro and Kato Yukihiro (also like Tsukachan, Kame, Jin and Yuichi), end of 1998 . They were btw 2000~2002 in ABC (Acrobat Boys Club) with the actual members (minus Kochi). They had to leave ABC. After that they were FM Tokyo and then MAD.

Kato Yukihiro & Takeuchi Kohtaro: these boys joined like Koshy and so on on end of 1998.
Kato was Jr Boys before, Takeuchi passed by BBF, BAD, BBD. In 2000 Koichi Domoto created J-support [K.K.K.ity],
he created the band, intoduced them in TV show and in his concert in Tokyo Dome with Private Heart as song.
K.K.Kity was a part of singer KKK and rollers/dancers ITY. During perf,
ITY made rollers and danced with Jr Boys wiz Kato Yukihiro, Fujigaya, Kitayama & Masuda [ and Maruno sama] ^^.
After the debut of NEWS. They ITY and Jr Boys danced together.
And after Kisumai formation, those boys danced as support for Kisumai until Kis-My-Ft2 formation, then they finished for MAD.

Noda Yuya: this boy have many band since he joined 1996 same day than Aiba Masaki.
He was BBB, BIG,... and already MAD in the past. He was in Question? as guitar man,
he annonced he left Jr, but after a time he was back in MAD because he was boring and joined back to dance (like before haha).

Waragai Ryota joined debut 1998 before Tatsumi Yudai and Matsuzaki kun.
He was a SAM (Secret Agent Man) a band wiz Nishikido Ryo, Hamanaka Bunichi and Goseki Koichi, etc.
He was also with Toshin Yoshikazu in ING (they are the 2 only of this band again there [if this one want well be back]). 
He left in automn 2006 (+/- when Matsumoto Kota joined) He left Johnny's Entertainment in 2007

Let's contiue wiz the newbie now ^^

Automn 2006
Matsumoto Kota joined the M.A.D. In 2003 Kota joined one day before Senga (KMF2). He lived from 3 to 5 years old in Hong Kong because of his parent's work.
He was btw 2004 and Summer 2005 in いけこたいな (Ikekotaina). He was the KO for Kota

During a short time, we talked of  M.A.D. Older Brothers
and  M.A.D. Young Brothers 

But in Winter 2006 the 2 band has been reunited in one M.A.D. unit
New members added from Young Brothers was :
Inaba Hikaru
Takahashi Ryu 
Yamashita Takumi
Akiyama Taiga
Tomioka Kento
Ookubo Akimasa


Inaba Hikaru Joined JE on April 2002. He appears btw 2004 and Summer 2005 in いけこたいな (Ikekotaina) in which he was the INA for Inaba. This summer he joined Jr BOYS 

Takahashi Ryu joined in same day than Inaba and was in Jr BOYS before.

Yamashita Takumi joined JE on June 2003. He started in 2004 in first generation of J.J.Express then he went in Jr BOYS until spring 2006 and in winter 2006 he finished in M.A.D..
Because of his likeness wiz Kusano Hironori (ex NEWS) he got the nick name of Notti Jr.

Akiyama Taiga joined JE on December 2002. At this time he appears often in Ya-Ya-yah show. He was like Nikaido a Jr who appears to play at "games" or "acting play role".  He appears too btw 2004 and Summer 2005 in いけこたいな (Ikekotaina) in which he was the TA for Taiga and entered in Jr BOYS just after that he cames in M.A.D.

Tomioka Kento joined JE on 23th Sept 2001 (same day as Yamamoto kun and Eda kun). Former member of Jr BOYS. He has a older brother, Tomioka Kaito, who was in JE too he joined the same day.

Ookubo Akimasa joined JE on June 2004. He is a former member of the dance unit Jr BOYS.

During Spring 2007
2 News members appearsed...
Kosaka Masato and Nakagawa Naoto.
But fast Nakagawa kun has been removed by Fukushi Nobuki

Kosaka Masato joined JE in 2001 (in same time as Yamamoto from here about, Inoo Kei & Yabu Kota from Hey! Say! JUMP) but he left for a time (he became a Junon Boy) he suddenly he took back his work in JE and joined M.A.D. . He appear actually often in Shounen Club. He first apparition in Shounen Club was with Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai from Kinki Kids.

Fukushi Nobuki joined JE in 2006, and finished in M.A.D. in 2007. He looks like Toshin Yoshikazu (masato think so too it seems since he told him during a letter in Shounen Club) *since he joined I categorized him as Toshin Jr XD thanks Masato for supporting me in this idea XDDD*

M.A.D. are now 22. 

August 2007, Asaka Kodai and Imai Ryusei joined the band  [24 members now]

Asaka Kodai Joined JE on 1st December 2002. He was J.J.Express between 2004 and 2007 (this is a rumor I don't know again if it was true the info here) until a scandal with him. He was suspended a short time. He was added to M.A.D.

Imai Ryusei joined JE on 15th Feb 2004. He was in Jr Boys btw summer 2005 and spring 2006. He finished in M.A.D. in summer 2007.

November 2007, Ookubo Akimasa left the group (for studies....*good boy ^^*) [down at 23 members]

December 2007, Yamamoto Ryota is announced a member of the Special Tackey Project band: Butoukan

Mars 2008 Yamamoto Ryota graduated from Hinode *omedetou*

April 2008 Asaka Kodai left for studies (I think I read that somewhere) [down at 22 members]

3rd May 2008, all "Little" M.A.D. have been move to MADE:
members who moved to MADE are:
Imai Ryusei
Inaba Hikaru
Takahashi Ryu
Yamashita Takumi
Akiyama Taiga
Tomioka Kento

M.A.D. are down at 16 members.

16 Members of M.A.D. :
Noda Yuya
Takeuchi Koutarou
Koshioka Yuki
Matsuzaki Yusuke
Fukuda Yuta
Tatsumi Yudai
Katou Yukihiro
Eda Tsuyoshi
Kawamura Ryo
Kosaka Masato
Maeda Hirotoshi T.J.
Matsumoto Kouta
Yamamoto Ryota
Hayashi Shota
Ikeda Yu
Fukushi Nobuki

'08 August, 03 & 10 some M.A.D. was present. (Kosaka Masato and Fukushi Nobuki are regular at the show)  but Tatsumi, Koshioka, Fukuda, Matsuzaki, Matsumoto, Eda, Hayashi, Noda and Ikeda was present.
- in 3rd SC they backdancer for the special guest Tsubasa and Tatsumi, Koshioka, Fukuda, Matsuzaki, could sing with other Jr of SC.
- in the 10th SC all 9 sang got to sing "Keep the faith" of KAT-TUN

** --Info Point--
Sept 2008: Asaka Kodai is joined  A-LIGHT Agency, follow the site to find his blog **

In the Shounen Club of '08 Dec 07, Takahashi Ryu, Hayashi Shota, Eda Tsuyoshi, Yamamoto Ryouta Performed C=Normal under the name They武道 (They Budou). "They" are for each first later sure ^^

Winter 2008
Fukushi Nobuki moves to MADE and Kosaka Masato moves to...? (where?)

M.A.D. are 14 now: Noda, Takeuchi, Koshioka, Matsuzaki, Fukuda, Tatsumi, Katou, Eda, Kawamura, Maeda, Matsumoto, Yamamoto, Hayashi and Ikeda.

April '09: for the Shounen Club premium, creation of MA-Mix (which mean a mix of Musical Academy)
members are Matsuzaki, Fukuda, Tatsumi and Koshioka for M.A.D. with MA's member Michida Shinga and Yonehana Tsuyoshi. And Budoukan made a CM for Kincho.

June '09 a new (talented) boy has the luck to enter in the (best Dancers training) Academy boys~ Onodera Ikki. Let's warmly welcome him.

Onodera Ikki joined Jr on September, 8th 2004. Ikki is better know as member of Mis Snow Man from January 2009 to June (until he joins M.A.D.). But he held during a long time a  place as Jr.BOYS since 2006 to Mis Snow Man creation. However this long periode was cut by Tap Kids.

we do need a summary think...

M.A.D. : Noda, Takeuchi, Koshioka, Matsuzaki, Fukuda, Tatsumi, Katou, Eda, Kawamura, Maeda, Matsumoto, Yamamoto, Hayashi, Ikeda and Onodera

also like we are in summaries
MADE: Imai Ryusei, Inaba Hikaru, Fukushi Nobuki, Takahashi Ryu, Yamashita Takumi, Akiyama Taiga and Tomioka Kento

** --Info Point--
You asked me for Kosaka Masato, here you are, here is the info point concerning that boy =D
I made some research about him... To reminds you, I lost him in Winter 2007. And looked for him.
I finally found out that Masato is the vocal of the rock band "PRISTAR" [WEBSTIE - BLOG].
I invite you to watch this video and check this channel to watch the 4 perfs: LIFE, Taiyou, Stars and I think
You can follow him days by days thanks to his BLOG.
We do for sure wish to them good luck~ **

2010: Maeda T.J. and Onodera Ikki left M.A.D. and Johnny's Entertainment!
Must be noted that T.J. is now in a boyband in China (composed of 5 Chinese and 2 Japanese).
[Good luck to both of them ;D]

The number of M.A.D. is now down to 13 ;D
Noda, Takeuchi, Koshioka, Matsuzaki, Fukuda, Tatsumi, Katou, Eda, Kawamura, Matsumoto, Yamamoto, Hayashi, and Ikeda

Stay tuned ^___^

Last edit: '10 Sept 19
*about waragai: left JE in 2007*

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  • 2005年9月19日

    I should post about this too~ because I love them since so much time haha HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY M.A.D.~ 2nd generation


    I'm sorry to be late boy but I still did the card~ I hope you had fun ♥ LoveLove~ Happy birthday to tacchon too ♥ See you~

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  • 2005年9月19日

    I should post about this too~ because I love them since so much time haha HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY M.A.D.~ 2nd generation


    I'm sorry to be late boy but I still did the card~ I hope you had fun ♥ LoveLove~ Happy birthday to tacchon too ♥ See you~

  • Moving on

    I'm thinking about selling a lot of stuff about JE (Kis-My-Ft2, Kinki Kids, Kanjani8, NewS, du J.J. Express et co) Like Uchiwa, key ring (from…