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[---- Edit to write often how many we are...the hours is mine, my time zone (Belgium)---- H
July 26th = 46 persons (2.00 am)
[Thank you] Soon finished

Dear fandoms
*I know this text is long but please read (or just join XD)*
Firstly Sorry for my English I probably... and it's sure, made some mistakes... but I'm not the best at writing in English ^^'' but the letters I will send (read under↓ will be for sure corrected to be perfect!)

I guess that many or most of you know or heard about the accident which happened during the filming of Music Bank on KBS in June, the light fixture at the show had fell. Thanks godness nobody, in idols, fans and staff was injuried! The only person affected by this accident was Onew (the leader of SHINee) who fainted due to the shock.

KBS 2TV Music Bank production team has only expressed their stand about the accident:

The production team to Music Bank talked about the accident that day, “All the stars had went on the stage and the light fixture had tilted to one side. What was fortunate was that the staff had went up and held on to the fixture on time. It seems that Onew was shocked by the incident and even fainted.”

They also added, “We felt not enough was done in terms of safety. Fortunately there wasn’t any serious injuries inflicted and we will work harder in the future and no such safety issues arise again. We will be more careful about it.”

Even if in these words they didn't properly apologied about what happened, that's sure and we understand it's not really KBS fault and it's just the bad luck, it's a miminum to say simple words such as "we are sorry about was happened". Just say they are going to work hard in the futur it's not enough, but I think we can't have better from them so we can just take these words as a sorry.

If this incident would just finish like this it would be great! I guess it's in response at SHINee World madness asking them to apologize! *They should had lost something like pride saying those fake apologize!* Now they became RESPECTLESS toward Onew! Or it's a way to drow ppl's attention to looks away about the accident (which one was close to kill Yesung if you check well fancams!)!

During Enter News the channel said that Onew is coward, not a brave leader and that he is weak!

Apparently, the reporter asked Onew if he was a coward regarding the recent incident when he fainted on Music Bank, and this caused some awkwardness during the interview. Jonghyun then stuck up for Onew and tried to divert the attention away..The programme also proceeded to compile a series of him falling down.

Quotes are from/and thanks to : community.livejournal.com/omonatheydidnt

Check by yourself, it's with subs.
*My personnal opinion it's they didn't really explain why he fell that day and didn't say that the faint was the same day! They talked of that as two different incident, but both need to be showed together!*
Starting at 1.45 you can clearly see it vexed face (and I would be too!)
And about the perf they showed it's not cause he is careless, it's cause they didn't make well theire job that is to CLEAN THE STAGE WHEN IT'S WET! and because of this mistake from them he had to continue to dance like a brave and good leader with pains! But he continued to don't stop the show! (if it's to be weak this!)
and my response to the specialist: Don't forget he had to continue to perfome during 3 min after had an horrible pain! Add the shout and scream all around and the shock of the fear! I think even brave person can faint!
At 3.20 you can see that this poor child is afraid of the image they gave of him!
They said by themself that the average of age it's 18.2... this mean they are still young! Where is it said in the idols world that the fun of youth is be coward? It's maybe new or I missed something!
We can aslo applause the fact he is staid there and continued this stupid interview!
And thank you to Jonghyun who take part for him and said that!
**It's almost if we aren't watching a documentary about wild animals... specialist opinion about Onew (and Taemin) wtheck! ¬¬**

EDITED: Thank you to [info]pei_fen89 for the info
more again, you can read on THIS PAGE
[info]the_masquerades Wrote us:
-Did anyone notice that KBS edited the Half Year special which they're showing on KBSW (for those who have cable tv) now?
I watched the actual live broadcast, and 2NE1's Umbrella perf was before SHINee's Juliette.
The one on KBSW though, showed that SHINee came first, and 2NE1 later.

I think they wanted to push the blame of the Music Bank incident to Onew.
By showing SHINee first, and with Onew's falling during their perf, it actually tells viewers that Onew was the one who fell by himself.
In truth, it was the staff on Music Bank who did mop up the water after 2NE1's perf, which made Onew fell.

It's enough that KBS didn't want to apologize and calling Onew a coward.
But actually editing what really happened?
That's kind of extreme.

Using a compilation of what is called Onew sangtae (the Onew Condition) and after ask him if he isn't coward! I think it's totally outrageous! And I hope that SM is going to respond at this!

That's why I'm asking you all, SHINee World but also SHINee's older Brothers/Sisters fans: ELF, S♥NE, Cassiopeia, Shapley, TRAXian, but also others fans like Primadonna, V.I.P., Milky Way, Kamilia, Hottest, Triple S, I AM, Kiss me, Wonderful and all others fandoms I didn't mentionned, to join this petition which will be send with a letter saying to KBS to properly apologize about those words about Onew! We can't let them give this image of him!


You should think it's useless, but I think it can just show to our idols that International fanclubs want to support too their idols too! Show that we are there! In this case it's to show to KBS that it's not only the SHINee Wold Korea who can be pissed off but International SHINee World helped by others Internationals fanclubs.

If you wanna join this petition it's easy:
Send an email at this address I created in view to host this petition:

in which you write:
-your full First Name
-first letter or your full surname
-your country
-and if you wish to add a short comment  (3 lignes max) to KBS.

(ex: Jinki, Lee, Korea, you went too far!
Minho – C. – Korea)

You can aslo add a comment to SHINee or Onew only that I will join to the letter for them (read under↓)

The end of this project is fixed for 2009 end of July and maximum until August, 5th
I know it's not a long time, but we need to make this fast

After this date I will print the list of persons who joined the petition with a letter which explain to KBS that we are pissed off and shocked by those words and we want that they properly apologize to Onew.

I will aslo send a letter to SM Entertainment destined to SHINee and will join a copy of the letter and petition. In the letter to SHINee I will explain our feelings and show them we support them and especially Onew condition! And will join your comments in the email. I even tought add a diploma of the best leader!

I hope many person will join this petiton, Just take 5 minutes to write your info and send and it's done ^_^

Thank you for your help ;D


  • 2005年9月19日

    I should post about this too~ because I love them since so much time haha HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY M.A.D.~ 2nd generation


    I'm sorry to be late boy but I still did the card~ I hope you had fun ♥ LoveLove~ Happy birthday to tacchon too ♥ See you~

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    Na minna like I said once "I'm going to write about MAD" ... I did haha I'm taking my source from my knowledge XD on wiki and various…

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  • 2005年9月19日

    I should post about this too~ because I love them since so much time haha HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY M.A.D.~ 2nd generation


    I'm sorry to be late boy but I still did the card~ I hope you had fun ♥ LoveLove~ Happy birthday to tacchon too ♥ See you~

  • let's M.A.D.

    Na minna like I said once "I'm going to write about MAD" ... I did haha I'm taking my source from my knowledge XD on wiki and various…